Have You Seen This: Star Wars: The Last Jedi – OFFICIAL Trailer #1

It’s Finally Here!

Are you ready for Christmas?  Because I already know what is going to be in MY stocking.  I’m about 85% certain it’s going to be tickets to the midnight showing of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

So when Disney first took over the Star Wars franchise I was like the many who wondered if Rey was going to be the next Disney Princess?

Let’s face it, aside from Pirates of the Caribbean people seriously doubted if Disney had the storytelling prowess to break out of the Little Mermaid-Frozen-Cutesy-Fox-And-The-Hound-family-with-little-kids-fun-loving entertainment track it’s kind of always been on.

Then, Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes out and I will admit I was floored.  I mean episodes 4, 5, 6 had a particular look and feel which launched Star Wars to what it is today.  Then Episodes 1, 2, 3 had to smash all of that to pieces with new technology, CGI, and Storytelling.

There were a few mistakes (and, yes, I mean aside from Jar Jar), but George missed the look and feel of the first three entirely.  This positioned the first three episodes almost as if they were from a time later than 4, 5, and 6.

But when watching the Force Awakens, and I saw the Millennium Falcon for the first time, it was like I was seeing an old friend. Also, despite the fact I’d never seen her from those different camera angles, they caught the look and feel of the originals.  J.J. Abrams does have a unique ability to respect all previous storytelling from within a franchise he chooses to continue and tells more great stories.  As was evidenced by The Force Awakens being the third highest grossing film ever created.  The record was only shy from beating Titanic and Avatar, grossing a resounding 2 Billion dollars.

My only real concern for Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the side stories, like Rogue One, which, in the opinions of many I’ve talked to, was liked better than Force Awakens.  Rogue One is still on the rise and currently sits as the 20th most successful box office run.

Either way, if you’re anything like me, this trailer is exciting and one of the most highly anticipated movies for 2017.

I hope you Enjoy the Trailer, if you do, Please share it.

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