Have You Seen This: Sound of Silence – Disturbed


I found myself having a hard time figuring out how to start this Blog Post.  I mean this song has already been a huge success, so you may have already heard it.  But did you know the rest of the story?

You may be familiar with the 1964 Sound of Silence By Simon and Garfunkel.  On its own was a smash success reaching the number 1 spot in the Billboard Top 100 early in January of 1966.

Adding to it’s continued success in 1999, Broadcast Music incorporated named “The Sound of Silence” as the 18th most-performed song of the 20th century.  In March of 2013 Sound of Silence was added to the National Recording Registry in the Library of Congress for longterm preservation.  So it’s worthy of noting this song started awesome and has stayed awesome since!

The Sound of Silence Performed by Disturbed

Disturbed the band

December of 2015 the world was introduced to this remake performed by the Chicago Band Disturbed.  Famous for a more hardcore edgy style Disturbed is no stranger to awesome remakes.  My first first exposure to Disturbed was through a song called Down with the Sickness (Language), I fell in love with their awesome remake of the song Land of Confusion.

So it was no wonder that after I heard the above rendition for the first time I was in awe.  I believe I personally contributed 50-60 views of the over 23.2 million the Youtube video currently has.

David Draiman (Lead Singer) delivers the song in a very eery, haunting, and somewhat longing fashion.  In fact, he performed it so well he received a note personally from Paul Simon:

Really powerful performance on Conan the other day. First time I’d seen you do it live. Nice. Thanks.

That’s quite a compliment coming from the creator.


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