Top 10 Kitchen Fails | What Not To Do While Cooking

top 10 kitchen fails

People say cooking is more of an art than science.  Others say it’s a science more than it is an art. However, if you blatantly ignore one over the other you may end up on our Top 10 Kitchen Fails.

Everyone has had a meal go wrong in some way. Some mistakes people may not want to admit to committing. The people below don’t have the luxury of hiding their mistakes thanks to the wildfire that is the internet.

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Top 10 Kitchen Fails:


1. “Counter Top” Kettle

Top 10 Kitchen Fails | "Counter Top" Kettle

When you set out to make some morning coffee it’s crucial to have Hot Water.  However the vessel you use to heat the water is as crucial as having the hot water it self.  This is what we call a Counter Top Kettle or Electric Kettle.  No stove needed.  LOL

2. Minions of The Lost Ark

Top 10 Kitchen Fails | Minions of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark was the first thing that came to mind when I first saw this minion cake.  This was so close.  It looked like this cake was almost good enough to eat.  Now,,,, “It belongs in a museum!”

3. Bubonic Plague Rolls

10 Kitchen Fails | Bubonic Plague Rolls

It’s a tale as old as time. You set out to make a happy roll and end up with a fantastic visual history lesson of the bubonic plague. But hey, full points for trying.  I’m sure they are more delicious than they look. Right?

4. Smart Looking Bread

I can imagine the person who made this bread spent the following 45 minutes trying to find their glasses.  I would have loved to have seen the look on their face when they realized they baked them into the bread.  Its ALWAYS the last place you look.  LOL

5. The Ravioli Is “Served…” Get It?  Served?

Top 10 Kitchen Fails: The Ravioli is Served

You watch the timer. 90 seconds till the ravioli is done.  All you need to do now is get the strainer and add your sauce and you are immersed in ravioli heaven until you discover, no strainer.  You need to think quickly.  If you wait too long you’ll be eating soggy ravioli, you need something now!  It’s a little archaic but, Ye olde Tennis Racket saves the day.  The Ravioli is “Served”!

6. Cracked Out Mr. Potato Head In a Space Snow Globe.

Top 10 Kitchen Fails: Mr. Potato Head Snow Globe

Sets out to make a rendition of Buzz Lightyear.  Successfully makes rendition of what Sid would have done to Buzz if he would have completed his master plan.  End result? Cracked out Mr. Potato Head in a space snow globe! LOL

7. This Spaghetti Squash Is “The Bomb”!

Top 10 Kitchen Fails: This Spaghetti Squash Is The Bomb!

Bwahahaha!  Looks like they forgot the number 1 rule of Cooking Spaghetti Squash.  Do you know what the number 1 rule of Spaghetti squash is?  Do you?  If you do, then you’re a better person than me.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with making it into a BOMB!

8. Instant Regret

Top 10 Kitchen Fails: Instant Regret.

“Honey! Can we get a new cutting board?”
“Why, Whats wrong with the old one?”
“Nothing. We could just use a bigger one.”
“Wait till the old one doesn’t cut it anymore.”

Later that day.

“Sorry Honey! 🙁 ”

9. Experimental Technique: Oven Flambé

Top Ten Kitchen Fails: Experimental Technique: Oven Flambe

Who loves those toasted marshmallows on yams?  I know I do.  This seems like the perfect marriage between a thanksgiving treat and a campfire delicacy.  Or perhaps in this case, an experimental technique known as Oven Flambé.

10. Lava, You Cooked Lava…

Top Ten Kitchen Fails: Lava. You Cooked Lava...

What do you get when you mix a lot of heat, a pinch of pressure and a side of molten?  Lava.  You cooked Lava…


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