7 Crazy Facts About Avocados

7 crazy facts about Avocado

1: An Avocado Has More Potassium Than A Banana

Thanks to old school marketing, the world has come to believe that the banana is the ultimate source of potassium.  Where as it is still a great source, the avocado has more potassium than a banana.

Potassium from Banana: 537 mg (one cup sliced)

Potassium from Avocado: 708 mg (one cup sliced)

If you’re considering making a green smoothie of any kind, consider the high level of potassium you have available to you by making the switch.

2: Ripening Your Avocado

Usually if you would like a fruit to ripen it’s a matter of either keeping it inside or outside the refrigerator.  Some fruits get sweeter the more ripe they become.  The peach is an exception to this rule.  It only has the sugar it leaves the tree with.

The Avocado however will get ripe depending on it’s neighbors.  If you bunch avocados in a brown paper bag with apples or bananas they tend to ripen more quickly. This is great if you need a ripe avocado quickly. Someone has claimed you can ripen one in ten minutes.  I haven’y currently tested this method but here it is.

If you decide to give this a try let me know how it goes.

3: An Avocado Is A Fruit, And More Specifically A Berry

So there is a little bit of controversy when it comes to the classification of Avocado.  It seems the Avocado is the Platypus of the produce world.  Not quite a fruit and not quite a vegetable.

This is easy to see in how the Central America crowd prepares it in lime, salt, onion, cilantro, and tomato acting like a vegetable.  In Brazil the avocado is most popular in a smoothie, blended with Milk, honey or sugar, and a fruit of your choice like banana making the avocado act like a fruit.

An avocado can be used like a savory vegetable, blends fantastically as a fruit, and is botanically classified as a berry.  They grow from a family of flowering trees called Lauraceae.

4: A High Protein… Fruit?

Fruits and vegetables have received a bad rap about how much protein they offer.  Meat company marketing will have you believe the best ways to get protein are through single product consumption.  Whereas meats and eggs are great sources of protein, so are certain fruits, veggies, and legumes.

Spinach seems to be the poster child of protein veggies. but volume for volume, 1 cup of avocado has 2.5 times the amount of spinach.  1 cup of Spinach comes in at 0.9 grams of protein. 1 cup of Avocado yields 2.9 grams.

Lentils, peanuts, Hemp Seed, Black Beans, and Almonds, are all other examples of high protein foods.

5: You Don’t Have To Eat Them To Reap Their Benefits

Facial Mask: Mix Avocado with either Honey, Olive Oil, Yogurt, or Oatmeal. and you can create a natural, chemical free, moisturizing face mask.

Fabric Dye: Boil the pits and skins with your fabric to create a subtle Pale Pink Dye.

Avocado Skin Dye

Image from www.sewhistorically.com

Shampoo: This one takes some work, but grate several avocado pits with a cheese grater and boil them.  Pour into a jar and add a couple of ounces of your favorite shampoo or a shampoo base.  This mixture moisturizes so completely that conditioner afterwards is optional.

Treatment for Psoriasis: Mix mashed avocado with fish oil and apply topically to irritated skin. The natural oils and nutrients penetrate deeply to sooth Psoriasis symptoms.  Treat regularly to keep symptoms at bay.

Anti Wrinkle Eye Treatment: Collect the pulp closest to the skins with a spoon.  Place in the socket area around your eyes and cover with a cold cotton pad over each eye.  Let the nutrients do their stuff for the next 15 minutes and get younger moisturized eyes.

6: Out Of Butter While Baking? Use Avocado

avocado uses

If you start a baking project and find yourself without butter use avocado instead!

Substitute avocado in a 1 to 1 ratio.  1 cup of Avocado to replace 1 cup butter.  This will make the finished product more moist, possibly slightly chewier but the flavor is undetectable.  You’ll also want to lower your temperature by 25 degrees and allow for a slightly longer cook time. Either way this is a super healthy alternative to butter.

7: Lowers Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels

Avocados are a good source of monounsaturated fats. This kind of fat may have an actual positive effect in raising HDL Levels ( The good cholesterol) and lowering LDL levels (Bad Cholesterol).

This fruit alone has more beta-sitosterol than any other fruit.  In short beta-sitosterol reduces the amount of cholesterol you can absorb.  So the beta-sitosterol paired with Monounsaturated fat makes this fruit a super cholesterol fighting machine.