The EggMazing Egg Decorator

What started out as a Kickstarter campaign has now become one of the most popular toys online of 2017.  The EggMazing is currently sold out from the creator/manufacturer but is available on Amazon.

At the time of this Blog post it was available, however like I said before it is one of the hottest selling toys this year.  As is evidenced by the current ranking on Amazon.  The Toys and Games Category on Amazon has more that 4,836,858 the EggMazing currently ranks #139.  This ranking changes hourly, but you gotta admit, that’s still pretty good.

The concept is pretty easy to get. Take a hardboiled egg and place into the EggMazing. Turn the machine on and the egg will start spinning.  Then take one of the included markers and begin decorating your hardboiled egg the way you want.  Make everything from a well structured rainbow to a random assortment of squiggly lines.

EggMazing on Amazon

EggMazing on Amazon

Naturally with this item in high demand it will go quickly.  With the Manufacturer being sold out, the only unit you’ll find online right now is on Amazon and E-bay and other such sites.