Have you seen this? – Daniel Was The Real Bully

If you are amongst the millions of Americans who loved Walkman’s, Fanny Packs, Hair Bands and Action Figures, then chances are you’re a fan of the iconic 80’s Movie Karate Kid.  However you may have never seen this rendition, where Daniel was the real bully? LOL

Okay, so if you’ve seen the original you know this is the story of a kid who was forced to move to California from New Jersey. Upon arriving on the west coast Daniel LaRusso quickly has a falling out with the local popular kids.  More specifically Johnny Lawrence of the Cobra Kai.

When Johnny finds out that Daniel is in the way of him trying to make amends with his girl Ali, he becomes aggressive to the point of bullying.

Daniel, with the help of another California import Mr. Miyagi, becomes a force to be reckoned with as he learns Karate through real world chores and tasks.  Mr. Miyagi attempts to resolve this issue by having the boys complete in the local Karate Tournament.

Daniel ultimately wins the tournament (and like most movie movies of this kind), Ali’s Heart.

But what happens when the facts are skewed?  What happens when someone takes the facts and changes the littlest details to sway the story in their direction?  We’ll I present to you Daniel Was The Real Bully.