Why Tomorrow Soup?

I think it’s safe to say there is a certain comfort that comes from soup.  I can’t say what magical power comes from a good bowl of soup however I know one exists.  When the weather turns rainy outside I simply want a warm bowl of soup to eat in front of my fireplace.  This helps embody the idea of comfort that I hold in my mind’s eye.

Chicken Soup is one of the oldest remedies for the ill. It soothes the throat, calms the cough, and comforts the carrier.  This scene evokes warm images of Mom or Grandma tending to a sick loved one.  Makes for a lovely Rockwell painting doesn’t it?


So why Tomorrow Soup instead of just Soup or Warm soup?  Well I strive to be an optimist.  I believe there is a wondrous power that comes from looking forward to tomorrow.  Tomorrow holds the keys to innovation, convenience, advancement and most importantly hope.

There are too many sources of negativity in the world.  It doesn’t take long to begin to succumb to the worst reports of the world when reading the news paper or news sites.  Tomorrow is so much better than that.

People are amazing.  The world if full of talent.  There is a world of things we can learn from, grow from, and become better from, if we simply take the time to seek. It is my hope and goal that the Tomorrow Soup Blog, on Christopher d’Argy.com becomes a beacon of comfort and hope for tomorrow.

Unlike anything physical in the world, if you give something away to someone, you find yourself lacking that thing.  By increasing for someone else, you find yourself without the thing you gave.  Love and Knowledge are two concepts that when shared only grow.  And I believe it grows for the better, and there is a defined increase for all those who choose to participate.

Thank you for visiting and journeying with me.